1. Respect the recommendations of the health authorities and the health plan set up by the outdoor hotel industry professionals.

2. Train our teams in barrier gestures and sanitary protocols, and provide them with protective equipment.

3. Implement signage reminding of barrier gestures and social distancing as well as new adapted traffic patterns for public places (reception, life center, sanitary facilities etc…).

4. Make available hydroalcoholic gel, disinfectant or soap for clients and teams in key gathering places and raise awareness at frequent touch points.

5. Perform a rigorous and reinforced virucidal cleaning of common areas and restrooms several times a day and accommodations at each change of clients, in accordance with the health plan.

6.Adapt the arrival and departure procedures to limit attendance at the front desk.

7. Enforce the reinforced and specific sanitary access and safety guidelines for all of our services: take-out or on-site catering, swimming pool, activities etc… in accordance with the recommendations of health authorities.

For swimming in the pool

We will follow the regulatory requirements regarding the capacity of the pool, which will be posted at the entrance of the pool.

We apply strict standards to treat our pool water, so as to inactivate microorganisms, including viruses. Thus, our pool water perfectly meets the standards of the Public Health Code. The pools are controlled every day.

For the accommodations

We have adapted our cleaning procedures with extra attention. We are strengthening our cleaning teams, who are trained and equipped with protective equipment during their interventions.

A systematic disinfection will be carried out inside and outside the accommodation, in particular, on all points of contact (worktops, switches, taps, door handles, tables, chairs, crockery, household appliances, fabrics, bedding, etc….) with the regulatory products. The rentals are aired during the entire cleaning process.

We will ask customers to remove disposable mattress covers from their mattresses and pillows themselves, put them in a trash bag and deposit them in the containers provided.

All our teams are preparing to offer you an unforgettable stay.